Automatic system of loading/unloading of bulk material for warehouse

Flat storage warehouses are cost-effective alternatives to silo systems. They can also be implemented where the load-bearing capacity of the substrate does not permit silo cells or where locally applicable construction regulations impose limits on the maximum building height. Also existing suitable buildings can usually be converted to flat storage warehouses without great expense. For flat storage warehouses, in particular, the savings potential is enormous, when filling and emptying are realized with an intelligent, automated solution. This is the only way to avoid squandering storage space due to point filling and non-distributed filling, or to avoid excessive personnel effort when emptying. Our fully automated hall charging not only utilizes the entire surface, but also the entire volume of the storage facility.

Warehouse loading and unloading system is an innovating machine able to allow the automatic unloading of stocked products inside flat warehouses having a high light of 50.000mm, unlimited height and length. The system is normally used to level and unload products such as: grains, feeds, sugar and bulk milling or granular products in general.

Our engineered storage loading and unloading system are designed for product (such as grain, fodder and other granular products) loading in and out of storages with unlimited space. This storage solution is very attractive for fast loading, mostly for ports, where large amount of products must be accumulated in a short period of time and after a short period of time, the same product are quickly unloaded.

Together with our partners in the tent structure production and construction, we are developing individual solutions for each customer’s requirements. Based on our calculations, the customer can precisely plan the profitability of investment and to make a comparative calculation with already existing production handling processes.


  • Limit man presence inside warehouse during loading and unloading operations (his intervention is acting as the automation degree you choose remembering that his presence can be not necessary using a more pushed automation)

  • Limit mechanical equipment to carry out loading and unloading operations reducing drastically stocked product pollution

  • Reduce warehouse unloading costs as this robot is used whether extracting and conveying product towards evacuation system or good distributed and prompt loading creating boxes (by means of reinforced concrete gates) inside the same warehouse.

  • Volume optimization at disposition reducing sensibly the cost per stocked ton.

  • Reduce ventilation costs of grain conservation due to stocked mass uniformity.

  • Warehouse use, considering that when the machine is at rest (position established by customer), it is overhang, so there is the possibility to use differently floor from stocking use.

  • Control automatically machine movements, horizontally or vertically, by a programmable controller (PLC), which guarantees the maximum reliance, safety and possibility to vary always its utilization functions. This operation is possible in accordance to automation degree you choose during order as the “Robot” can be ordered in MANUAL, SEMIAUTOMATIC, AUTOMATIC version.