Train wagon loading

For loading of railway wagons, depending on the required productivity, we offer stationary or mobile (on its own chassis):

A movable belt or chain conveyor (wagon loader), which moves the material up to the wagon receiving hatch (usually 4.5-5 m high) and can accept material from:

  • the feeder (tipper trailer)

  • the feeder for receiving material from the front loader, the material can then be fed to the (conveyor) wagon loader

  • Load grain directly from the tipper,

  • From another conveyor

The advantage of this solution is the easy maneuverability of moving from one loading point to another. The minus is the need to move the machine from one hatch to the next (when one hatch is filled, then it must be shifted to the next). Such maneuvers require a certain amount of time resources..

If you require a particularly high capacity of wagon loading, we offer a stationary solution where all 4 (four) wagon hatches are being loaded at the same time We provide this solution with a platform to serve the wagon for the operator. Wagon service platforms are well-thought-out and safe to work even in slippery and windy conditions.

Open-type wagon loading with loose material. We offer solutions for continuous supply of material and extraordinary productivity. We developed the corresponding solution for Estonia for the loading of Kohtla-Järve shale-wagon (open-type wagon):