Train wagon cleaning

The task of the brush type cleaner is to clean open type wagons (half-wagons) from coal dust residues in a wagon. Cleaner is efffective to reach maximum savety of wagon. This way of cleaning (in compare with hand work) allow leave on floor of wagon thick layer of coal after unloading with crane. In this way reach maximum savety for wagon. Receive this lever of cleanness is not possible after hand work (also this will take too long time). Cleaning with brush tupe cleaner to exclude big effect of men factor.

The cleaner is attached to the Client’s crane (with a load capacity of crane must be up to 5 t). On the top edge of the half-wagon, the brush cleaner is based on walls of wagon (as on the guides). The upper edge of the half-wagon is used to move the brush type cleaner from one end of the wagon to the other. The Client’s mobile crane is used as the driver for moving the cleaner. The cleaner consists of two brushes for cleaning of side edges of the wagon and one big for cleaning of the floor. As a result, the brush type cleaner clears the side edges of the wagon, the floor and the corners in longitudinal direction.  Dust and coal fractions of size up to 80 mm are be pushed to the opposite end of the wagon and resulting in an extreme half-wagon hatch.

The brush type cleaner’s drive is ensured by hydraulic motors mounted on brushes, for which the required oil pressure and quantity are provided by the Client’s mobile crane hydro station (work pressure 250-280 bar, flow 200 l/min). After reaching a certain brush wear, the height of the brush is adjustable in relation to the cleaning surface (relative to the limits protecting from the deformation of the brush – smashing/compression against edges and/or floor). When the respective brushes are worn off, they are easy to replace. The equipment centers itself and adapts to the required height and wide in the wagon.

Reinforced top rolls of HARDOX material. Reinforced frame construction.

Maximum fraction for material: 80 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm

Work temperature: -30 up to +40 degrees Celsius