Moving floors

Moving floor of the biomass warehouse is provided for biomass transportation from the biomass warehouse to the biomass supply conveyer.

The moving floor consists of pushers with blades for fixing a hydro-cylinder at the end of the bracket pusher, as well as fixing of pushers of the hydro-cylinder and special clamps to a concreted base.

The pusher is moved by a hydro-cylinder in rectilinear movement. Operation of the hydro-cylinder is ensured by a hydro-power plant the technical parameters of which are set by taking into account dimensions of each moving floor.

INDUSTRYPROF LATVIA can provide various type of moving floors: Moving floor on concreate support with storehause bunker above moving floor.

This Type allow acumulate till 1000m3 biomass volume above moving floor. Removable moving floor is possible to easy transport with standard trach from one place to other. This type allow acumulate till 150m3 biomass volume above moving floor.

Each time we receive diferent exercize from our customer, we have big exerience to realize it!