Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors can be used for elevation from 0 ° up to even 90 °. A single conveyor can be provided with several angles: horizontal, inclined-horizontal, etc. The chain conveyors can be designed for a thermally and chemically aggressive environment. It is possible to construct a Z-conductor chain conveyor construction, which greatly reduces the area of the production space.  Chain conveyors are practical in use and, properly designed, they are easy to maintain with very long service life. Standard productivity is expected to be between 30 and 350 m3/h.

The chain conveyor can accept the material from the hydro floor (automated material storage bin). Similarly, it can evenly distribute the material onto a hydro floor (chain conveyor without floor).

Material for transport: Granulated material, chip, peat, grains, peas, rape, crushed stone, etc..

Chain conveyors INDUSTRYPROF LATVIA make various designs: the upper showels transport the material (for areas where the material can be unevenly plucked, or non-standard large-sized fractions), the lower branch – bearing (standard performance when the material is applied in a smoothly controlled process), chain conveyors for pallet transformation.

The pallet transport conveyor is designed for “big bag” bags, pallet trucks transportation, transportation of various packages / boxes, concrete blocks, bricks, etc.

For industrial chain conveyors, INDUSTRYPROF utilizes the latest generation of solutions and premium quality spare parts.