Belt conveyors

The portable belt conveyor is intended for feeding trucks, warehouses, railway wagons.

Material for moving: coal, stones, shale, minerals, sand, pebbles, crushed stone, peat, wood chips, shavings, etc.

The wheel chassis belt conveyor is easily movable within the area.

The equipment can be of different lengths according to the wishes of the customer.

Conveyor height can be changed with hydraulic cylinders. Adjustable angle can range from 0 up to 30 degrees.

Depending on the required working angle – the tape conveyor can be fitted with smooth shevron or vulcanized shovels and side-mounted boards.

Wheel position can be changed. Radial (stacking of material), front (moveable) and perpendicular (for lateral movement).

For wheels, we can provide a drive from a hydromotor or an electric motor, depending on the task set on the machine.

The control of the unit can be provided with a radio controlled remote control.

The capacity of the conveyor belt can be designed from 100 up to 2000 m3/h capacity.

The corresponding conveyor can be used as a receiving bunker from grain trucks.

Conveyors for long distances. We offer solutions for up to several kilometers of conveyor tracks.