Train wagon unloading

Hopper wagon unloading system is designed for bulk material handling from bottom of the hopper without any need for additional pit or other hopper. The specially designed and processed carrying belt is used on Hopper wagon unloading system that save material during unloading process, does not allow product milling, grinding or rubbing during the process.

The usual mobile conveyor productivity is relatively low; however, INDUSTRYPROF LATVIA SIA Hopper wagon unloading system can reach the productivity up to 500 m3/h (in case of continuous loading). In comparison with other analogous solutions it can exceed productivity several times.

  • With a help of specially designed belt type conveyors the bulk material is handled in a very gentle way;

  • Equipment is placed on a wheel chassis and is equipped with stationary control cabinet or/and radio remote control;

  • Four hydraulic cylinders provide adjusting (push down/lift up) the height of the equipment to the height of railway;

  • With electric powered drive, wheels provide machines entry under and exit from the wagon’s bottom;

  • The same table conveyors can be adjusted to wagon hatches with hydraulic drive.